LDK7-1325-CNC自動上下料數控開料中心2018-03-01 11:19
    采用模块式设计,可选择,单主轴十数控钻包,双主轴+ 数控钻包、三主轴.圆盘刀库自动换刀主轴.圆盘刀库自动换刀主轴+数控钻包五种模块单元采用立挂式,单边2个滑块设计结构。运行平稳.齿条导轨全防尘设计结构。导轨采用分段式结构,导轨更换无需专业人员.更方便:采用单层中空真空吸附台面,可吸附不同尺寸的板材,最小开料板件宽度可达25mm;进口数控系统.性能稳定,操作简单,普通人经简单培训即可完成操作,无需专业知识:整机专利设计结构,配备独有的上料及除尘机构,可彻底解决上料带“尘”弊病.可真正实现无人干预连续工作:采用四方向、六动作板材自动定位系统,板材定位更快更精确,匹配板材上料到位自动检测系统.可有效防止板材在上料过程中可能出现的各种意外情况:匹配中央智能除尘系统,可保证各个环节和部位的颗粒废料得到有效的清理和收集,可有效保证开料工作的连续性.
    Product Performance Introduction The automatic feeding,cutting and optimization,dilling,grooving.automatic cutting,the perfect combination of one,uninterupted process, to achieve maximum eficiency output, strong compatbility with a variety of demolition single software seamlessly Using 200*250mm generous thick wall pipe suppor structure, structural engineering design aesthetics, vibration or tempering aging treatment, imported five-sided metal miling precision machining centers.Modular design, you can chose, single-spindle + CNC diling package, double-spindle +CNC diling package, three spindle, the disc magazine automatic tool change spindle, the disc magazine ATC spinde + CNC dilling package five kinds module unit.Side-mounted, 2-sided flange slider design structure, smooth operation, dust-proof design of the whole structure of the rack rails, rails with sub-type structure, rail replacement without professionals, more convenient.Using double hollow vacum adsorption countertrops, plates of different sizes can be adsorbed, the minimum width of the panel is expected to open up to 25mm.Imp0orted CNC system, stable performance, simple operation, ordinary people through simple training can complete the operation, without perfessional knowledge.The whole structure is patented design, with unique materials and dust on the body, can solve on tape! )dust Jils can truly achive unattended continuous operation.Using four-way, six-sheet automatic positioning system movements, faster and more accurate positioning plate, matching the sheet material in place automatic detection system, which can effectively prevent unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the sheet feeding process.Matching intell gent dust removal system, can ensure all aspects of waste particles and parts of the effective cleaning and collection,caneffectivelynsthcouiopcon Equipped with automatic central lubrication system, set up automatic oiling from time to time to ensure the efficient operation of the machine.Automatic feeding,cutting,dust,positioning system,which can effectively reduce the number of workers,work intensity,improve production efficiency. reduce production costs, improve the degree of standardization of products.
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